Two more days intil NaNoWriMo!

986a6d61fb63076cc7d8f1fe42e48553I had every intention of finishing Crown Queen for my National Novel Writing Month project, but after writing Moon of the Witch and watching several Halloween shows over the past few days, I’m leaning toward another Paranormal. Oh my!

I’m sitting here in a state of total confusion. What to do? After rereading and editing The Legend of the Swamp Witch, I’m tempted to revisit my serial killer, Silas Tremball. He was taken by Angelique and her Voodoo spirits at the end of his chapter. Could his ghost come back to haunt the Bayou Tesche after Angelique and Millie pass through the veil into the next world? Could the release of Angelique’s hold on the Bayou release Silas back into the world as a murderous specter in black? Silas is a nasty piece of work and turning him loose in the twenty-first century could be interesting. I scared myself a little after I wrote that chapter about Silas. When I reread it the first time. I thought, OMG Lori, you’re a closet psychopath!

I presented the first half of the chapter in my critique group last night and everyone groaned when I got to the final page. Is that it? You mean we have to wait until next weekend to hear the ending? I suppose that is good. The first half sets up the character of Silas Tremball and introduces his victim. The second three thousand words lay out his crime and his backstory. I watch a good bit of crime television and the psychology of serial killers. Silas is one sick puppy!

I will toy with it some more and begin a snowflake outline. Mixing a psychotic serial killer and the abilities of a ghost might be fun. As I have mentioned before, pesky new ideas pop into my head and turn me in new directions all the time. The mind of a writer can be a scary place!

Until the next time: Write on!


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