NaNoWriMo: Day one!

Today is day one of National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo. My project this year will be called Man in Black. I’m resurrecting Silas Tremball my serial killer from The Legend of the Swamp Witch for this project. That being said, I begin the project with the first eight thousand words already written. I’ll begin the book with Silas’s chapter from the Swamp Witch that totals a little over six thousand words, then the final two thousand words of the book that ends the curse, releasing Silas’s spirit back into the world.

The next few chapters will document several grizzly murders in and around St. Martinsville and Bayou Teache, Louisiana. I keep finding myself drawn back to that area as a setting for stories. Moon of the witch is set in that area, though purely fictional. The Black Bayou and the town of St. Elizabeth do not exist except between the pages of the book.  I have, however, drawn from characters in that book to populate the pages of this one. My female protagonist will be Kelly DuBois, a cousin of Julia DuBois and a psychic witch from her DuBois coven. My male protagonist will be a relative of characters in Swamp Witch, Travis Maitre. Maitre men have been members of St. Martins Parish law enforcement for decades. Travis is the detective tasked with investigating the murders.

I have an outline! Silas, a ghost, is my murderer. Kelly, a psychic, and Travis are my investigators and romantic interests. St. Martinsville and Bayou Tesche are my spooky setting. Murderous ghosts, psychic investigators, and murky swamps as a setting. Murder, mystery, and lust. Oh my! Is this going to be fun or what?! I even have a spiffy cover designed.Man in Black cover I just need another forty-five thousand words or so to fill in the inside!

I filled out the NaNoWriMo form online and got started. Unfortunately as a confirmed technophobe, I have no idea how to cut and paste my first chapters onto their site. I have to get some help with that. I’ve tried cutting and pasting and lost chapters into the cyber ether never to be recovered. I now leave such efforts to more informed tech-types. It’s supposed to be simple, but I’m a simpleton who fears losing her work. Yuck!

Well, back at it. I feel organized. That’s actually scarier than murderous ghosts to me.

Until the next time:  Write on!


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