NaNoWriMo: Day 13

forest pond in fallI’m happy to report the Man In Black progress is 36,700 words. That is an average of a little over 2800 words per day. I’m happy with that! My story is coming along. I think my characters are strong. My imagery is good. I took a chapter to my critique group and the conflict and tension was good.

I got my edits back for the final pages of Queen of the Cow Towns and must take today to do formatting for upload to Createspace. I played with it a little last night, but got frustrated and called it a night. It’s better to meet that head on after my coffee.

Hopefully my file will be uploaded and Queen of the Cow Towns will be live on Amazon in paperback in a few days. JK Publishing’s ebook version of the book is available now. Queen of the Cow Towns coverThey don’t offer a paperback version, so I do it with my own cover.

I talked through my perceived problems with Crown Queen with my editor and after highlighting scenes out loud with him, there is actually more action, conflict, and tension than I thought! I will be getting back to the girls very soon. When Man in Black is in first draft, I will begin editing my daughter’s YA murder mystery. I’m looking forward to that very much. It will be my first editing project of someone else’s work and I hope I can do a good job for her.

This is a short update post. It’s time to get back to work!

Until the next time: Write On!


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