Point-Counterpoint with C.S. Boyack: Series vs Standalone #writing

Legends of Windemere

Super Bowl Coin Toss Super Bowl Coin Toss

(This is an experimental guest post style suggested by C.S. Boyack. We pick a topic, take a side, and do a back and forth over email.  Let’s see how it works.  FYI- We don’t know where the referee came from. He just kind of showed up in the kitchen and wouldn’t leave until we let him flip the coin.)

Hello ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the first edition of Point Counter-Point. A possibly recurring debate between authors about issues in the writing world. Prior to this show, each author mailed in their choice of heads or tails.

Our guests today are Charles Yallowitz and Craig Boyack. Today’s topic is series vs standalone novels. The winner of the coin toss can choose a side, and whether to have the first or last word.

Coin toss graphic

Charles, it appears you’ve won the coin toss. What is…

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