I’m back!

It has been several months since I posted. I’ve been in California helping out my X-husband who was diagnosed with colon cancer in November. He needed help with getting back and forth to his chemotherapy treatments. He lives fifty miles from the cancer center in Palm Springs and the doctors didn’t want him to drive himself until we knew how he was tolerating the meds. He was weak and in pain for a while and we had a few incidents of infections and colds because of his lowered immune system. I’m happy to report that the chemotherapy has been effective and his tumor markers have gone back down to normal levels. He’s insisting on driving himself now, so I can finally get back to my life and my writing. I’m returning to Phoenix and hope to be posting on a regular basis again.

I haven’t been completely idle, though not writing as furiously as I  was last year. I have fourteen chapters completed of Crown Queens, Book 3 of The Soiled Dove Sagas. Books 1 & 2 have been re-edited and released by JK Publishing as e-books. They are also picking up Moon of the Witch and Man in Black for publication.

I’d set aside a ghost story/mystery project last year, but reopened it a couple of weeks ago and did some editing. It’s currently only about twenty-eight thousand words, so far from novel length. I sent it to my daughter  to read. She’s the mystery writer. I wanted to get her opinion. I may simply release it as a short story or if I can lengthen it a bit, a novella.

I also began outlines for an Epic Fantasy, a Science Fiction, and a Vampire romance project. I need to do some world-building for the Fantasy and some science research for the Science Fiction. I’m looking forward to jumping into all three projects in the coming year. Perhaps one of them will be my NaNoWriMo project for 2016!

I’ve really missed my weekly meetings of the Central Phoenix Writers’ Workshop and can’t wait to get back to them. The energy in the group is phenomenal and really kept me cranking over the past two years. In their absence, I took an online writing class with Ed2go for writers. It’s very basic, but I found the refresher good. It helped me to flesh out some of my weaker skills with excellent examples and writing exercises.


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