Concentrating on Promotion

Queen of the Cow Towns coverIt seems to be time to dive into shameless self-promotion again. I just purchased a promotional package from a company I found online. I’ve toyed with this before without much luck. Unfortunately I’m not very techy and cannot create banners to flood social media sites or update my website– They say they will.

They are also setting up book signings at different locations around the state. I’ve tried these before and been disappointed in the results. I’m working on some kitchy ideas for my table to attract customers. I’m also making some costumes to wear that resemble those worn by the characters in my books. Another creative outlet I enjoy.

I will share the name of the company after I see what the results of the endeavor are. If it’s a bust, I wouldn’t want to lead another author into wasting a lot of money. If I see results, I’ll shout their name from the mountain tops!

I’m looking for opportunities on my own, as well. I visited the Second Friday event on Main Street in Mesa last night and was invited to attend as an artist (author) next month. I’ll give that a try. There are other such events in the valley and if it proves successful, I’ll look into those. Who wouldn’t enjoy dressing up in frilly Victorian finery to sit at a table on a sidewalk and push their books? I’m game!soiled-dove



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