The Election is Over!

The election is over! November is here and time to get after that NaNoWriMo project! I’m working on a project now that I started in October and plan to finish it before I get into NaNoWriMo. I have something in mind and I’m looking forward to beginning the outline. As of now, it’s just a few ideas floating around in the gray matter.

2016 has been productive for me. I finished book 3 of my Soiled Dove Sagascrown-queens-cover, picked up a promotional company, and made some hard decisions about publishing. Let’s just say my foray into the traditional route has been less than satisfactory. I will return to exclusively self-publishing and put more time and money into promotion. I don’t enjoy tooting my own horn, but I fear it’s a necessary evil in this business.

I relocated to Washington state in July and have been enjoying my family. My first great-grandchild is due in a few days. I’m missing my friends at the Central Phoenix Writers’ Workshop and haven’t found a group up here yet. Maybe I should start one!

I found love here, however! My sweetheart, Dan Holmes, is a rocket engineering tech with one of the aerospace firms up here. I can hardly believe it. I’m the biggest technophobe, but I’m dating a rocket scientist! It’s more than dating, actually. We’ve decided to enter into a Registered Domestic Partnership.  We are planning a ceremony in July. He turns 62 on July 21 and in Washington, one partner must be 62 if it’s not a same-sex relationship, to qualify for a Registered Domestic Partnership. Why not get married? We’ve both tried that, without much success, and thought we’d give this a try. We’ll get the benefits of marriage with insurance and such, but … It’s complicated. It always is.

I’m 25K into my latest project and I need to get back at it!

Until next time … Write On!

Booksigning at Bookmans
First Book Signing!

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