I’m such a lazy blogger!

I started this blog over two years ago, but find it difficult to keep it up on a regular basis. I know I should to advance my readership, at least that’s what the promotion experts tell me. We are now beginning a new year and have made resolutions about our lives in the year to come. I have resolved to update this blog on a regular basis … again.

So, I will begin by discussing my works in progress … I have several. My most current is an apocalyptic adventure of sorts. I’m calling it Unprepared. I basically destroy most of the country from west to east with a cascading seismic event that triggers the San Andreas, the New Madrid, and several volcanoes. It’s been fun writing. I’m about 15K words and 11 chapters into it.

I set my ghost story, Dreams of Molly aside for a while at 24K words. I’ll let it simmer for a while. I have outlines in my document files for 2 more stories related to my witches in the Black Bayou and hope to have them working later this year. I also have an outline for a Fantasy that could turn into a series. That one is always in the back of my mind.

I had an unfortunate break with my publisher and have decided to remain Indie for the time being. I’ve been working with a promotion company and hope that will help. They have the expertise and the experience with social media that I don’t. I’d much rather be writing! Hopefully they will also be able to schedule me to do some personal appearances and signings as well. My stuff isn’t exactly fit for story hour at the children’s library, but perhaps some book clubs or reading groups would be interested. I’d also like to find some author events in the area. I’m only 15 miles north of Seattle. There should be something going on there!

Thanks for your time and until the next time … Write On!guardian angel


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