Image via Flickr Creative Commons, courtesy of Mike LichtI write Historical Fiction and Erotic Romance. I’m connected with several authors on Facebook. It bothers me when I see posts from writers who have been trashed by other authors in their genre because they feel they are competing! Stop it! We don’t have a hive brain. Each writer is putting down his or her individual ideas. We are not in competition. We should be holding one another up and not tearing one another down. This community should be one of sharing and support. There are lots of readers out there. I read many different authors, as I’m sure other readers do.

This is a tough market, people. Traditional publishing is quickly becoming a thing of the past. We are Indie Authors. Marketing is on our shoulders and it is expensive. Most of us aren’t going to have our books in Barnes & Noble or even Wal-Mart. Have you found a good marketing venue? Pass it on! An Indie bookstore willing to carry your books on consignment? (The Dog-eared Page in Phoenix!) Pass it on! A killer signing event that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to get into? A great PA who is taking a load off you shoulders at a fair price? You get my drift. We should be working together and not against one another to get our work out there.

What if Indie Authors got together and put on an Indie event? Tables of Indie Authors showing–and hopefully selling–their work to the public. We could even throw in a few Indie cover design artists for color. It could be a beautiful thing!

I guess what I’m trying to say is we are bright people full of amazing ideas. We should be working together and not against one another. We should be pooling our talent to enhance one another. I may have a devout reader, but I’d certainly be willing to share that reader with another author. I read several books a month, but only publish a few each year. That one reader, if she reads as much as I do, is going to need other material to keep her happy between my releases!

OK, my rant for the day is complete. I have a WIP to attend to. Until the next time: Write On


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