My Work In Progress

I’ve been working on a new and different project for the past few weeks. This is an apocalyptic action story with just a little romance. I begin the book with a quake on the Cascadia fault off the coast of Oregon. That event sets off a number of other events across the nation. Volcanoes erupt and the New Madrid reeks havoc in the Midwest. My heroine is a thirty-four-year-old woman from southeast Missouri who has been raised in a Prepper household. My hero is about the same age and has written several books on survival. They meet in Carbondale, Illinois when my hero is about to speak at a seminar where my heroine is eagerly waiting to hear him in the front row. The earth quakes and my hero gets knocked off the stage and ends up with his face in my heroine’s lap.

I actually have several different storylines taking place in the novel. A family from Oregon escapes to the mountains and struggles to survive. With the help of some Forest Service Rangers they work to expose some FEMA personnel who have decided to usurp the government of the western US. In another storyline, a good FEMA Agent is also trying to thwart the usurpers.

I love to read Action/Adventure, but this is my first attempt at writing it. I’m not familiar with weapons or military vehicles, so I’ve been leaning on my husband, Dan as a technical advisor. He corrects me when I call a Glock shiny or get the model number of a transport plane incorrect. He’s been invaluable. I miss my critique group!

I started with a rough outline for this story, expecting to write my standard fifty-thousand word piece. I’ve expanded the outline a few times and am currently sitting at thirty-seven chapters and sixty-three thousand words. The story is beginning to conclude now and I’m going about tying up loose ends to bring it all together.

The original premise of the story was to show how in times of crisis man’s inhumanity to man can be at its worst, but also how the cream can rise to the top and people can come together and help one another  to make things better. Somehow, it changed a little and became how in times of crisis there will always be those who will see the crisis as an opportunity to get ahead. I’m having fun with it. This genre is new for me as a writer and it’s making me think in directions I never have before. I’m sure I’ve made several new watch-lists with my resent internet searches. Most of the explosions were naturally occurring, so I didn’t have to research C-4 or anything like that.

I’m tentatively calling this new venture Not Prepared, but may change it to Unprepared. I’m still tossing that around in my head. I still have to come up with a cover as well.

Until next time, Write On!


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