Too Busy to Blog

I’m a terrible blogger! I know I should post no less than on a weekly basis and some recommend daily. I just can’t seem to do it. It’s not that I’m not dedicated. I’m busy! I try to write everyday. I made a resolution to publish a dozen books this year. Thus far I have published six! I’ve been busy. I recently finished a story that has been in my files for over two years and I’ve been mulling it over for over forty. As a senior in high school, I had a dream … a nightmare, actually. I was watching a young woman being abused, but in my dream, I was the young woman. I felt what was happening to her, but seeing it from my eyes at the same time. I was seventeen and it was disturbing. I watched the young woman being murdered and then experienced her being boarded up beneath a floor. It was so real, I wrote about it in my English Composition class a few days later. My instructor, Mrs. Sally Taylor, told me never to forget that story because it would make a great book someday. I began writing it and it turned into something more than just a ghost story about a nightmare I had during high school. It became a story about my nightmare in high school. I wrote four drafts of this story over two years. I finally finished it. Dreams of Molly is now live on Amazon.Dreams of Molly cover It is hard looking back sometimes.

I also published a western romance set in an Oregon gold mining camp. It’s called Lost Dove about a young woman who was sold by her step-father to a cat wagon and then sold again to a lonely miner. They are then forced into marriage. It’s a romance written with a classic romance plot. Boy buys girl. Girl decides to try to make the best of things. Yada-yada. Throw in the return of the evil step-father who thinks she knows where some missing money is and we have some action. Lost Dove CoverLost Dove is also live on Amazon.

To combine my recent fascination with ghost stories and westerns, I wrote and published a novella I called A Tale for a Long Winter Night. A young woman is taken prisoner by two cowboys and held in a line shack. You can imagine what they put her through. She escapes. The local marshal captures the two culprits. There’s a trial. It’s a novella. If I give away much more that will be that! This story is live on Amazon also and only .99 for Kindle users.Long Winter Night cover

So, you see, I have been busy. I’ve also been experimenting with different promos. I’ve been playing with Kindle promotions, Books Go Social, and Freebooksy. Thus far, the Books Go Social 19.00 tweet blitzes have done the best. Have they amounted to thousands of sales? No, but more than doing nothing. They have also been much more cost effective than doing a giveaway in which I mail a free book to someone if they buy a Kindle version of another. They always said the writing was the hard part!

After being told by a local bookstore merchandiser that they would prefer to carry consignment books by local authors with local interests, I’m going to make the setting of my next western one of the many ghost towns here in Washington. I have several to choose from and doing research!

Until next time, Write On!


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